Anu Singh

Artist & innovative meditative art teacher
Finding positivity, gratitude and creativity in everything!

From being on the road, twice with nowhere to go and two children to take care of and educate….to being successful and following the dream of spreading positivity though creativity! Does it seem impossible? Anyone can get here through this wonderful creative journey, finding focus and mindfulness and the reward is in the art!

Having majored in Art and during the last few years of a long and successful career, witnessing immense stress and pressure among adults and children, it was time to leverage the passion for art to address the issue of mental well-being to a wider audience.

Having certified with the Zentangle teachers’ training course in the US and experiencing results of finding focus and mindfulness through a creative process. I found myself to be much calmer and more focussed. I knew if I could find such joy, positivity and gratitude towards life, it was time to take my art methods to a wider audience. Apart from Zentangle I designed many simple art methods that help participants achieve stillness of the mind.

Participants do not need prior artistic abilities. All they need is paper, pencils and pens. Participants who came for workshops saying, they cannot even draw a straight line, constantly remain in touch with brilliant artwork and a more positive state of mind. The youngest student has been 5 and eldest 90 years, with a mix of everyone else in between.

Being a Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach facilitates in providing a better experience in the workshops. Through creativity participants understand and achieve their own potential and goals effectively.

There are NO MISTAKES in the expression of creativity. The workshops assist children and adults, learn to live with laughter, surprise, and experiences, one stroke at a time! Art therapy is to the mind what yoga is to the body.

I hold online/offline interactive workshops for children and adults. For individuals, groups, corporates, friends and family and social gatherings.

Many people ask me why I do what I do. Even I question myself at times. But the pleasure of conducting art workshops, the feedback I receive from participants, and the smiles I bring during workshops, truly outweigh expectations of anything else I have done earlier in life. I can help people understand and achieve their own potential and goals effectively through simple creative activities. I love to call Breathe Some Orange workshops as Art Positivity! I want you to take a break, breathe and squeeze the orange, the colour of self-expression and creativity and see how you evolve!

Certified Zentangle Teacher
Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Life Coach

My online and offline workshops